How to Change the World – Fifth Response

Fifth Response: Hopelessness (pessimism)

Well, I was done. Finished. My optimism had finally died in some crashing flames. I was really disappointed. Searching for ways for change had taken me high and low.

I’d given up on making money for others, changing the system politically within the system and outside the system, and even grassroots change. My spark was gone. I didn’t care anymore about change. I felt it was impossible – hopeless.

I think maybe the biggest deterrent was the fact that most people just didn’t care. I’d talk about these issues with friends, family, strangers – heck, anybody who’d listen. Anybody I talked to agreed with most of the things I said, but didn’t have the desire to change it. There was no public will for change.

I compared it to the Vietnam War. During the war, many people were against vocally and openly. There were some serious mass movements happening. Why? I finally understood. Because people were going to be affected themselves. The Vietnam war required conscription of citizens to go fight for a cause they didn’t believe in. Ordinary people’s lives were torn asunder. People resisted and we know the result.

What about since then? Have you noticed there’s never been a conscription since then? It’s because politicians and others know that if they affect people’s lives – force change on them – apathy will melt away. I felt the only thing that could change the world or things were for big things to happen. Unfortunately bad things like climate change, catastrophe, mass unemployment, economic collapse, fiscal collapse, or more. Time for change was not ripe. I accepted the truth.

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