How to Change the World – Seventh (Final) Response

Final Response: Spiritual Change (optimistic)

I still believe that little differences matter. And in fact, I wrote a small book of all the changes to the political system that could really help the world. Things like a different monetary system, economic reform, electoral reform, educational reform, and more. It’s all nicely out on paper (on my computer) in a first draft. I’ll admit, I’m sick of looking at it and don’t have the energy to finish it at the moment, but it’s there. Now I’m working on some novels.

But I had one last change of heart. One final ending to my quest to find out how to change the world. My answer? Spiritual change needs to happen.

I thought long and hard about why people won’t change. Even writing my book of ideas, I kept wondering, “Will this really help?” What do we need to do to truly bring about change? Maybe I can give all of my ideas on paper, but people need the desire, the passion to bring about change. And even if someone picks up my book and tries to implement the ideas, there’s a good chance it’d get corrupted and the true heart could get lost. So what next?

Talking to my Chinese language teacher at the Buddhist monastery I went to, I told her about my dilemma. She told me this, “Of course it would get corrupted. You see, you can give people the blueprint for how to change the world but they need to want it. Their hearts, souls, everything must be ready.”

Thinking about it more, I realized she was right. Even without a blueprint or a roadmap, if people have the right motivation and the right hearts, it doesn’t matter if you have a map or not. As problems come up, you’ll work through them and find the best way you can. The problem is people’s lack of care for others, their greedy natures. The world and the system we’re all caught up in keeps us in competition with each other. We’re afraid to trust others, especially from other countries, cultures or religions. We deem them the “other,” someone different than me, and therefore potentially dangerous.

We need people to wake up to the truth of the world. We need people to be compassionate and want to help others. Then the world will change. We wouldn’t even need a blueprint then. If we could all just look out for one another, we’d change the world.

Last, I learned, when the way you look at the world changes, the world changes. Your perspective is the most important thing. People are here, living their lives and learning. Leaning toward many Buddhist teachings myself, I feel like we all get many second chances. We’ll all learn and grow. We’ll all eventually learn the truth of the world and find peace. Without bad, there is no good. Without imperfection, there is no perfection to appreciate. We use the suffering and imperfections of the world to find our own liberation, joy, and perfection. And one day, maybe we’ll all be living in a world of peace and love.

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