How to Change the World – First Response

I’ll start off by saying the world’s got problems. BIG ones. But I’m not going to drone on about them here. This is about solutions and my quest to find answers to the big questions.

How to change the world? How do we make it better? Can we change the world?

These questions have swam through my mind more often than not. And I’ve gone through many different stages to find answers to these questions.

First Response: Make Money (optimistic phase)

During this phase, I really looked up to people like Bono. Here’s a guy who uses his fame and fortune to try to bring about good in the world. I thought, if I can make enough money, I could donate a large portion of these proceeds to charities to really make a difference. I started my university career at this time in Business and Psychology with this in mind.

After some time, I started learning more and more about poverty and the problems of poverty. I learned that just making money and donating it wouldn’t be enough. I found out that there are systemic problems that keep people in poverty. I wanted to do more. I wanted to address the roots of the problems, not just put on band-aids. And how could I do that? I started learning more about the problems, finding out they’re tied to the economy, politics and the like. I decided making money wasn’t the solution. I needed a new one.

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