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What does the “Fiscal Cliff” really mean?

Politics, politics. I hate it, although I used to love it. I used to have a lot of hope for politics. It seemed like the best way to truly “make a difference” in the world. I mean, how better to … Continue reading

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Meditation 101: Body Sensations/Awareness

This is a continuation of several articles discussing meditation. There are some related articles already posted below. This time I’ll be discussing a different type of meditation technique – body sensations. This has been a very effective technique for me, … Continue reading

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Have Compassion for Everyone

Should we love and have compassion for everyone? Should we love even terrible people who do terrible things? How do we deal with them? What about someone like Hitler? These are questions and thoughts that have really troubled me at times. … Continue reading

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How to Stop Negative Thoughts

Many people have very negative thought patterns whether they’re aware of them or not. Our conscious thoughts eventually become unconscious thought patterns whether we want them to or not. When it boils down to it, it’s about awareness and brain … Continue reading

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Conventional Definition of Success

What’s your definition of success? Is it a fancy new car? A big house in Beverly Hills? Having a family? Finding love? The purpose of this blog post is to challenge the conventional pursuits we often have in our lives. … Continue reading

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Karma and the 6 Realms of Existence in Buddhism

Buddhists believe in reincarnation. Does that mean you just come back as another human? Or perhaps humans and animals? Buddhist philosophy actually discusses there being 6 realms of existence. I’ll talk a bit more about them in this post. Karma … Continue reading

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Accepting Suffering

We all experience suffering regularly. That might be a little bit of suffering or a whole lot of suffering. It might be your coffee machine just broke, or it could be someone close to you died. Suffering happens whether we … Continue reading

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