Accepting Suffering

We all experience suffering regularly. That might be a little bit of suffering or a whole lot of suffering. It might be your coffee machine just broke, or it could be someone close to you died.

Suffering happens whether we want it to or not. There will always be suffering in our lives. But how can we make suffering more manageable? How can we be more at peace about it? How can we hope to move past our suffering?

Accepting Suffering
My answer – accept suffering. You cannot change what is. You can only change your perception of it. And when your perception of the world changes, the world itself changes.

How? Different people have different ways to accept suffering. Perhaps you can view it as a way of repaying previous bad actions or karma. Perhaps you can see it as a way to test your virtue. Maybe it’s none of these, but you just realize your need to accept it and move on.

Maybe you think, “There’s no way I could’ve deserved this. I wouldn’t even wish this on my own worst enemy.” The point is this, if you allow yourself to continue suffering, seeing it as insurmountable, meaningless, hopeless – you’ll suffer even more. If you can find a way to accept the suffering, to embrace it, you’ll find your key to happiness.

You don’t deserve to continue suffering needlessly. Life is not about suffering. It is about overcoming suffering.

Realize Impermanence
Everything is impermanent. Nothing lasts forever, including ourselves. Through realizing this, we can try to reduce our attachment to things in this material world. See it as a way of testing your will or resolve. Thinking things last forever is a misguided pursuit. We are not immortal.

Loss of a Loved One
You might be right. Nobody should suffer, but it is through suffering that we appreciate the life around us. It is through loss that we know just how much we cared about somebody. However, letting suffering consume you will lead you to future suffering – perhaps you lost somebody close to you and live in despair. Maybe you spend your time in the past, remembering that person all the time for who they were. But allowing the suffering to continue will prevent you from living your life fully, it will prevent you from truly appreciating all those others around you who show you endless love and support after the fact. Give your love to those around you now. Stop living in the past.

You must accept the circumstances life has given you. There’s no way to change it. You must accept it. The more you reject it, renounce it, the more you’ll suffer. Would the loved one you lost want you to suffer like this? No. It is time to move on through acceptance.

Accept, Accept, Accept
It’s time to change our attitude. It’s time to appreciate the good things in life. Focusing on the suffering is a negative thought process that will have negative consequences. Accept suffering, and accept the good that’s also in the world.

You can see many people living in a terrible condition. Or perhaps terrible things have happened to them, yet they are still able to be happy, upbeat, and cheerful. How? It is through acceptance of their circumstances. How do people live happily in poverty? They have accepted their living situation. You accept and worry about other things. To some, it is not suffering at all. Some of the happiest people I’ve met are the poorest.

How do you accept suffering? You must find your own way. Everything is in your mind, so it’s possible to change. As Einstein states, the only constant in the universe is change. Perhaps through meditation and reflecting on the positive things in your life will help you. You need to accept that it has happened and there is no changing it. Focus on the things you can change, like your life right now. Acceptance is the key to your happiness. It’s time to move on.

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2 Responses to Accepting Suffering

  1. ilonca84 says:

    Loved this, thank you! All so true….

  2. bussokuseki says:

    I find the greatest suffering in the change itself – the impermanence of what is dear. Be well…~

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