Meditation 101: Body Sensations/Awareness

This is a continuation of several articles discussing meditation. There are some related articles already posted below.

This time I’ll be discussing a different type of meditation technique – body sensations. This has been a very effective technique for me, personally. Probably the most effective. It’s an excellent way to feel calm, peace, and oneness with everything.

What is body sensation/awareness meditation?

All meditations try to focus your mind, typically on one thought. By focusing on one thought for an extended period of time, other thoughts will diminish. This will lead to a feeling of calm and peace. Eventually you may even let you of that one thought and just experience the feeling of bliss, mindfulness, and awareness.

Body awareness meditation is a kind of meditation that focuses on the feelings in your body. Instead of using breathing, visualizations, or other methods, this one focuses on your body’s feelings. I find this meditation to be a lot more “tangible”, and easier for me to focus on, leading to better meditation experiences. That’s for me though. You can always find your own and what works for you!

How do I do this kind of meditation?

Step 1: Calm your mind and your thoughts. It is always good for me to start off any meditation just focusing on my breathing. I tend to slow it down for several breaths, truly feeling the sensations of the breath. After that, let your breath return to its normal pace and stop controlling it. Watch it for a few minutes to calm your mind.

Step 2: Now that you are calmed, I start to focus on a tingling sensation in my hands or feet. It’s quite subtle, but it’s there. Just watch one of those parts of your body, wherever it’s most prominent. Let’s say it’s your feet. Feel the tingling sensation in your toes for several moments, then feel it over your whole foot. Focus on it, let the sensation build and get stronger. As your awareness focuses on it, the sensation will grow.

Note: The tingling, for me, is you being able to feel the energy within your body. We’re all made up of energy. Every molecule and atom has infinite energy stored within. Now think of your whole body – you’re practically bursting with an intense amount of energy within. You are feeling your potential energy, life force, within your body. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Step 3: When you’ve built a strong feeling in your feet, move it up to your ankles. Wait a moment. Let it spread and get as strong there. Next, move up to your calf. Repeat. Then your thighs. Repeat.

Step 4: Now focus on your fingertips. Let the tingling sensation build like you did for your feet. Let it fill your hands. Feel the energy within yourself. Move up your arms. Slowly, slowly. And bring it to your core.

Step 5: The next step is to focus on the point in the middle of your forehead, where your third-eye would be. Feel the sensation there and let it grow. Allow it to spread over your scalp and fill your head. Feel the pulsating energy. It tingles and throbs in a way, like a wave of energy. Move to your neck. Next, down to your core.

Step 6: Now that you’ve done awareness for each part of your body individually, it’s time to build that exponentially. Try to feel your entire body at the same time. Feel the tingling sensation over your whole body, let it build and grow. Feel it pulsating. Now just sit in that feeling for a while. A feeling of bliss tends to overtake me at this moment. Sit in it. Enjoy it.

Step 7: When you’ve established a strong feeling for your entire body, try to spread that feeling outward. Let it spread out of the room, try to feel the room around you. You are part of the room. One with the room. Next, let it spread further – to your city, into nature, into the people you love, into all people, into all living beings. Wish them well. Feel your oneness with them. Enjoy your feeling of togetherness and unity. This is peace. This is love. This is awareness.


This meditation technique will allow you to get in touch with your body more. You will feel the energy flow, qi, atman, or whatever you want to call it within you. You can even let this feeling spread outward from your body and experience a true sense of bliss and wonder with the world. It is really helpful in bringing you more calm, and allows you to see the truth of the world – we are all one.

Enjoy. I hope it works as well for you as it does for me. Leave comments or suggestions for others if you want to add to the conversation.

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