Do You Want Politicians to be Managers or Leaders?

Currently political decisions tend to be based around managing things to remain as they are – steady, practical, preventing any kind of radical change. It is the management system of society, keeping things constant and benefiting those who have money and power.

Few politicians (at least those in the mainstream) will actually question the way things are and look to how they could be. This is largely due to the fact that the politician got elected due to the workings of the current system. If he or she wanted to change things, it could hinder his or her chances of getting re-elected. Plus, we need to think how much money election campaigns now cost. The old door-knocking approach just doesn’t work anymore. This causes political candidates to seek outside support and funding to get elected. As all people know dealing with banks, money doesn’t come without strings attached. My parents used to always say, “money doesn’t grow on trees!” Consequently, our politicians owe favours to those who helped them with their political careers.

We have enough things in society to manage the system for the way it is. I feel like the current way our politics works is a limitation on society. Instead of striving for something better, politics is stuck keeping an exploitative system that benefits few in place. Shouldn’t politics be a vision for a better future, not merely maintaining the way things are?

Personally, I know that without a vision for a better future or working toward some goal, life can lose a lot of meaning. Just like life, I think the fact that our political arena lacks vision and hope toward a better future. People have become jaded and disinterested in the hopeless world of politics.

Let’s stop asking, “Is it possible?” Because politicians will always say, “No, because the market, the economy, him or her, this or that, blah blah blah.”

Instead, let’s ask, “How can we do it?” This is a much more productive question that can produce results instead of focusing on barriers to action.

Politicians and others will argue adamantly against change. They have a vested interest in the status-quo and will utilize fear as a tactic. Machiavelli taught that fear is the most useful tool for a politician to use. Fear causes people to freeze in their tracks. People are most similar to a herded animal such as sheep, not hunters like lions as we think. We’ll go where we’re told if fear is used to herd us in place.

Fear of the dark is one of the most common fears of children and some adults. It is not because the darkness itself is scary, it’s a fear of what could potentially be lurking inside. And as long as the lights are off, politicians will tell us there is a boogeyman hiding around the corner. However, when we turn on the lights, we might be pleasantly surprised to find something quite different.

Do we want our politicians to be managers of the way things are? Managers of a broken financial system, an ever-increasing debt, outsourced jobs, a system where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? Or do we want our politicians to be leaders? To ask, “How can we solve these problems? How can we make this a better world?”


Let’s make politics and this world a better place. It’s time to demand more. We should have leaders leading the nations of the world, not following opinion polls and corporate interests.

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