Long Time No See – 8 Month Trip

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post here. I’ve been spending the last several months exploring many different opportunities.

As with life, I have been changing and discovering new passions and hobbies. As you know, I’ve been writing: I finished my first novel and have also finished several screenplays. I thoroughly enjoy it and have picked up another hobby and passion to deveop – filmmaking.

I just picked up a camera and have begun to test it and play around with it. This blog will now reflect these new developments in my life to keep the blog relevant and to ensure that I keep it up to date. I hope you enjoy the changes as I do!

Over the next 8 months, I’ll be traveling around Asia with my wife, Nala. We recently got married this year and have been planning this trip for some time. During our trip, I’ll be updating you on my progress with my writing and filmmaking as well as what I’m learning in my sprititual pursuits.


Follow along and let’s enjoy this new journey together.

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