My Writing Development

I used to loath writing, and I think for good reason — school. The dreaded essay that was due, the abundant research that needed to be done and of course not having much of a say as to what you were to write on.

It’s a bit ironic that I enjoy writing so much now because I used to hate English (my worst subject). I even liked Math better and that’s saying a lot!

frustrated writing


Yet after I finished my degree (in political science), I had an intense urge to write down all of my political ideas that had come to me over the years. And after that, I just had this ineffable pull to write a story idea that I had, which later became my novel, For Ella: a dying old man tells a tale to his granddaughter about his past life where he was an immortal.

Writing a novel takes a whole lot of patience, perseverance and hard work. It taught me that I’m someone who needs to make an outline before I begin, otherwise I venture off on tangents that later need to get cut.

After finishing the novel, I found that I had tons and tons of story ideas. Not only story ideas, I also had these visuals of how they should “look.” It was then that I decided to venture into writing my first screenplay, Nature’s Wrath: a story about a boy who’s the only hope to save humanity as nature, on the brink of destruction, begins fighting back.

Again, learning a lot about my writing style and how to actually format and make a screenplay, etc, etc, I found I had a passion for storytelling.

While my novel took me over a year to write, I was able to pump out my screenplay in less that a month (part-time). For my writing, I want to get out stories and ideas to people, so realizing that I can write screenplays faster, led me to continue pursuing this direction.

I’ve since finished a second called, Touching Angels: Eddie Rako meets a boy with Angelman’s Syndrome. Thinking he can help him get in touch with his dead mother, Eddie finds himself caught in conflict with the bullies he was trying to avoid.



Since the second I’ve done more reading on how to write screenplays better and feel like I’m becoming a better and better writer.

I’m now working on a Sci-Fi trilogy (presently untitled), a kind of Brave New World meets Dune meets Blade Runner. People are being oppressed by a corporate energy monopoly and find themselves in a dystopian future. Our protagonist, an unsuspecting her, finds his calling to lead people to a new future.

Throughout all of this writing, I’ve become enamored with the idea of my screenplays actually becoming movies. Since then, I’ve decided I want to take fate into my own hands and actually begin making my own films.

As a result, I’ve started writing screenplays for short films that are doable on a small budget and can allow me to experiment as a director. Hence, my transition into filmmaking.

Nala (my wife) and I are now about to embark on an epic voyage through Asia for the next 8 months. In this time I plan to continue writing, provide updates here, and also show people the world as we travel. I hope you come along and enjoy the ride with us!

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