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The Creation of the “Other” (and thoughts on war and violence)

Hate, conflict, hostility and war… where does it all come from? I can’t help but read the headlines in all the news about North Korea and their nuclear threats–y’know, war propoganda and rhetoric. So where does all of this come … Continue reading

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Buddhist Meditation: Individual Love is Greater Love

Lesser love is greater love, individual love is universal love. Below is an explanation and a meditation exercise to help you feel universal love for all beings. It’s a rare thing for me to be touched by a movie nowadays … Continue reading

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Fear (Panic Attacks)

I let it wash over me like a cold shower. The feeling I knew all too well by now, the fear that creeps into my bones. It starts as a hot flash of heat that floods my body, the tingle … Continue reading

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I Saved a Life Today

I saved a life today. Albeit that of “just a worm” – something we hold as having little to zero value due to the fact that it has limited, if any, cognitive ability, its lack of financial worth and perhaps … Continue reading

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Life and the Universe

When looking up at the sky on a starry night, I’m always amazed at the beauty and size of the universe. Star gazing can bring up some of the most profound questions we have about life. The speed of light … Continue reading

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Meditation 101: Body Sensations/Awareness

This is a continuation of several articles discussing meditation. There are some related articles already posted below. This time I’ll be discussing a different type of meditation technique – body sensations. This has been a very effective technique for me, … Continue reading

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Accepting Suffering

We all experience suffering regularly. That might be a little bit of suffering or a whole lot of suffering. It might be your coffee machine just broke, or it could be someone close to you died. Suffering happens whether we … Continue reading

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