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My Writing Development

I used to loath writing, and I think for good reason — school. The dreaded essay that was due, the abundant research that needed to be done and of course not having much of a say as to what you … Continue reading

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Fear (Panic Attacks)

I let it wash over me like a cold shower. The feeling I knew all too well by now, the fear that creeps into my bones. It starts as a hot flash of heat that floods my body, the tingle … Continue reading

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I Saved a Life Today

I saved a life today. Albeit that of “just a worm” – something we hold as having little to zero value due to the fact that it has limited, if any, cognitive ability, its lack of financial worth and perhaps … Continue reading

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Brother’s Keeper – Part 1

I remembered like it was yesterday, the cool breeze on my skin, the sun about to set behind the buildings disrupting my horizon. It was the day my cousins died. The day was so perfect. I never could have expected … Continue reading

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