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The Creation of the “Other” (and thoughts on war and violence)

Hate, conflict, hostility and war… where does it all come from? I can’t help but read the headlines in all the news about North Korea and their nuclear threats–y’know, war propoganda and rhetoric. So where does all of this come … Continue reading

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Do You Want Politicians to be Managers or Leaders?

Currently political decisions tend to be based around managing things to remain as they are – steady, practical, preventing any kind of radical change. It is the management system of society, keeping things constant and benefiting those who have money … Continue reading

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Gross National Happiness (GNH)

Almost every country in the world is a bit obsessed with a thing called GDP or Gross Domestic Product. Why? I’ll discuss GDP and an alternative measurement system, Gross National Happiness (GNH). What is GDP? GDP is an indicator, or … Continue reading

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What does the “Fiscal Cliff” really mean?

Politics, politics. I hate it, although I used to love it. I used to have a lot of hope for politics. It seemed like the best way to truly “make a difference” in the world. I mean, how better to … Continue reading

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How to Change the World – Second Response

Second Response: Political Change in the System (optimistic phase) If making money couldn’t solve the problem, what could? Well, systemic change – political change. I embarked on a new journey of discovery. I steered my major away from Business and … Continue reading

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How to Change the World – First Response

I’ll start off by saying the world’s got problems. BIG ones. But I’m not going to drone on about them here. This is about solutions and my quest to find answers to the big questions. How to change the world? … Continue reading

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